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Complete Business Management

Looking for a new ERP? Want to optimise what you already operate? Thousands of businesses, across 100 countries and 30 languages, rely on Epicor ERP software to harness data and automation to thrive in a competitive, connected world. 

End-to-end assistance for all things Epicor

Our comprehensive knowledge of the Epicor framework and deep consulting experience enables us to provide clear and simple advice on the best deployment for your needs, with superior support and training services available.

Epicor Implementations

Our innovative approach to deployment and value-added methodology allows you to go live with your implementation sooner.

Biscit can engineer you a quality Epicor system that best fits your needsto get your business working smarter and faster.

Our Process

  • We meet with you to determine your specific requirements and discuss what solutions may prove most appropriate.
  • From our initial discovery, we map approximately 75-85% of the configuration we expect you will need. Through workshops and research we work to deliver a prototype solution.
  • After reviews and changes are applied, we commence a conference room pilot, allowing you to run your new business processes through the pilot system.
  • Following a successful pilot, the project enters an execution and cutover phase.

Epicor Customisation and Technical Services

Do you want to improve and build upon the forms, fields or processes to give your business the efficiency it needs to grow? Biscit can help.

We help clients will all technical aspects of their chosen solution from screen changes to reports, automated processing, and even major development work.

We are specialists in:

  • Customisations
  • Report Development
  • Business Activity Queries (BAQs)
  • Dashboards
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Epicor Kinetic
  • Advanced Print Routing
  • Service Connect
Report Writing

Maximise the effectiveness of your Epicor ERP solution by ensuring your reports are presented at their best and with all the relevant content.

Biscit can help you modify how your reports look and feel to suit your company’s specific requirements. Using our in-house report writing experience, we can help you reformat and add additional data to customise existing standard reports.

Utilising the inbuilt functionality of Epicor, Biscit can also assist you to automate sending reports such as purchase orders, sales order acknowledgements, invoices, remittances and more to your internal and external clients.


Improve visibility to make more informed decisions with customised dashboards tailored to your specific business needs.

Biscit can help you set up fully operational dashboards that let you:

  • Monitor data in real time for relevant and effective business decision making
  • Refine information with filters
  • Visually represent data with graphs and charts
  • See totals and end results by leveraging the flexibility of BAQs
Business Process Managements (BPMs)

Streamline your Epicor business processes to create efficiencies and make your business more agile.

For any action or event with Epicor ERP, Biscit can create BPM rules to provide functionality such as:

  • Output log or data files
  • Perform data validation
  • Display custom error or
  • informational messages
    Send out user email notifications

Epicor Training

Get the most from your Epicor software functionality with user-friendly onsite or remote, customer-specific training for groups or individuals.

Biscit provides training tailored to the needs of our clients ranging from simple procedures to advanced use that maximises software efficiencies, and even detailed technical advice to help you better manage your systems.

Such product and systems training is a valuable component of our commitment to delivering a comprehensive, client driven service.

Help Desk Support

Enjoy fast, responsive post-implementation support services from the friendly team at Biscit.

We’re your single point of contact for all your Epicor support needs. Our support is available in two tiers: Standard and Premium.


Our Standard Help Desk Support can remotely access, diagnose and resolve issues. It will lodge and manage your Epicor support requests and is available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm AEST. Requests can be logged via our client portal or email.


Over and beyond our Standard Support, we offer Premium Help Desk Support. This service tier can be geared to any specific client need. Contact Biscit for more information about the support we can provide.

Epicor Upgrades

Stay up to date with Epicor and benefit from additional functionality made available in the latest releases.

Biscit will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate upgrade paths for your business needs, ensuring a smooth transition while reducing downtime and admin requirements.

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