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Business success today demands a seamless operating environment. With an increased focus on automation for many organisations, the ability to integrate your third party business applications – such as eCommerce platforms, bespoke applications, or industry-specific software – into Epicor ERP provides a key advantage.

As a trusted Epicor Partner for over 18 years, Biscit has extensive experience creating integrations for the Epicor ERP platform. Recently, we’ve been taking a different approach, and have created a new, repeatable integration layer which means the integration process is simpler and far more cost-effective than it has ever been in the past.

Benefits of Epicor ERP integration

  • Plug existing business critical systems into the power of Epicor
  • Connect with virtually any business application
  • Streamline order and customer data processing
  • Improve efficiency and free up resources
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Achieve cost-reductions through enhanced efficiency.

The Biscit Integration Approach

  • Enables easier integrations with Epicor
  • Delivers faster turn-around time and improved ROI for these integrations
  • Facilitates greater knowledge sharing
  • Centralises maintenance and updates.

Pre-Built Integrations Currently Available

We now have a library of pre-built integrations including:

  • Shopify™
  • ResiSelect™
  • Ceridian™ payroll
  • Plant Manager 

and more… 

And we are constantly working on integrations, which means this list is expanding at a rapid rate. 

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