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Please note: As at 19/11/2020, there are now two variations of the Proof of Delivery solution from Biscit – POD and POD Lite. This article outlines the features of POD Lite. Click here to read about the full version of POD.

The mobile workforce in the today’s supply chain is increasingly dependent on the latest technologies to deliver increased productivity and data accuracy. Epicor Mfg POD Lite is a handheld application and a component of the Epicor Mfg Wireless Warehouse application. It has the essential capabilities to enable the logistics workforce to perform fast, accurate, and paperless proof of delivery.

Running on handheld devices with Android® version 5 or higher, the software has the modern and intuitive interface expected of any mobile application. Users select a desired Pack Slip number, filtering options are available to display only packs for a specific Ship Status, Stage Number (Route Number), or Ship Date. Once a Pack ID is selected relevant details for the selected pack are visible, including the number of pack lines on the selected pack. An ability to view those line details is also available.

Paperless Proof of Delivery is quickly and easily achieved by a sign on glass capture for the signature and a photo capture with the device camera. Users can also attach files from the device internal storage to associate with this delivery. This same functionality exists for shipments to customers, for Transfer Orders, or if users are shipping Master Packs.

Key Benefits:

  • Paperless: Capture signatures and photographic proof of delivery
  • Real-time, seamless integration with the Epicor ERP platform for increased productivity and data accuracy
  • Modern interface built on the Kinetic Design System.

Real-time integration with Epicor ERP

Epicor Mfg POD Lite integrates seamlessly with the Epicor ERP platform, providing customer shipment confirmation, photos/images, and proof of delivery signatures directly to each Pack ID record on the ERP platform. This real-time integration results in significant time savings—compared to the time and effort of having the customer sign a paper copy and then scan/upload the individual documents. Built on the Kinetic Design System Epicor Mfg POD Lite has a modern and intuitive user interface, which is also used for the Epicor ERP platform user interfaces. Together with the mainstream mobile application interface, this feature appeals to the multi-generational work force and reduces user training requirements.


  • Epicor ERP 10.2.400 or higher
  • Handheld devices on Android® 5 or higher.

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