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Biscit’s Dispatch Portal is the ultimate solution for businesses using Epicor Kinetic ERP and looking for a delivery planning tool. Dispatch Portal offers cutting-edge route optimization technology to ensure maximum planning efficiency. Whether you have a small fleet of four trucks or a larger fleet of 40, the Dispatch Portal seamlessly integrates with your existing Epicor Kinetic application, allowing you to pre-plan your deliveries with ease.

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How the Dispatch Portal Works

Dispatch Portal is a delivery planning tool allowing you to take control of your delivery scheduling and ensure timely and efficient
deliveries, no matter the size of your fleet. The software is fully integrated with Epicor Kinetic ERP, enabling efficient route planning, and
rescheduling with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

In addition to the standard route deliveries, Dispatch Portal supports multi-leg deliveries where there is a need to start the route from a third party address. You can view delivery points on a map, configure time and cost factors, and manage routes and logistics equipment for optimized resource utilization. Dispatch Portal is the perfect tool to take your delivery planning to the next level and improve your bottom line.

Key Features

  • Change views for complete delivery operation visibility and control, including status and schedule of shipments by plant or route
  • Reschedule with ease using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Reassign whole deliveries, orders, or individual items to another route or date
  • View delivery points on a map for quick and efficient route visibility
  • Manage routes, trucks, trailers, and forklifts including weights and dimensions, for streamlined logistics management
  • Customise the route with ability to manually override the order of deliveries on
    the route
  • Intuitive display icons and summary info helps you quickly visualise your schedule


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