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Dispatch Portal – Dispatch Portal

Plan, optimise and edit your routes to ensure maximum efficiency.

Whether you have 4 or 40 trucks in your fleet, Dispatch Portal is the only solution that will work seamlessly with your existing Epicor implementation and make your operations more efficient and organized.

Currently, Epicor customers use separate software or spreadsheets to figure out their deliveries, switching from Epicor and manually re-keying data. With Dispatch Portal you can do your delivery planning right within Epicor. 

Dispatch Portal handles hundreds of orders a day, giving you complete visibility of your dispatches by sales order, scheduled ship dates, plants, routes and run status. You can sort and filter and dive into data, giving you full clarity on your shipments. Orders are colour-coded to indicate at a glance when they’re ready to go, and the total weight for the delivery is displayed. You can identify if orders aren’t ready when you want them to be, allowing you to follow up right away. An overall Dispatch Board shows the status of each item, and the overall status of your fleet, with complete drill-down into the detail.

Key Features

  • Integrates directly with Epicor so all of your activities are visible
  • See which routes are packed and ready to ship out, which are partially ready and which are waiting to be packed
  • One Click Optimise to ensure your packing and routes are efficient
  • Change views to see status and schedule by plant or route
  • Easily drag and drop items to reschedule

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