Epicor Kinetic Warehouse by Biscit

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A major innovation in warehouse management systems

Prepare your warehouse and shop floor operations for a new era of productivity with the industry leading innovation of Epicor Kinetic Warehouse (EKW) by Biscit

  • Optimises workflow
  • Fast and accurate scanning
  • Improves efficiencies
  • Increases accuracy
  • Reduces errors
  • Native android application
  • Improved warehouse organisation and inventory in the palm of your hand

With its intuitive modern user interface, native android functionality, real-time and seamless integration with Epicor ERP, EKW by Biscit is a mobile-first warehouse and inventory management system with the potential to transform your business and boost your bottom line.

The ingenuity of Biscit, the power of Epicor

EKW by Biscit gives you unprecedented control over, and insight into, your core business operations. It offers:

  • Configurable scan validation
  • Complex sorting and filtering options
  • Shortcut favourites
  • Part level validation
  • Automated workflows triggered by scan events

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If you’re not a current Epicor ERP user, and you’d like to further understand the combined power of Epicor and Epicor Kinetic Warehouse, please contact us to better understand how these systems can reduce errors and re-works; increase efficiency and accuracy in your day-to-day business operations.

Feature-rich, Android-native… fully integrated

Fast and accurate interaction with Epicor ERP.


EKW provides all you need to process an inbound container or purchase order, with intercompany and transfer order receipts, efficient serial and lot processing, multiple UOM scanning and superior open PO search via barcode scanning.

Material Management

Increase efficiency in your core warehousing functions and improve cycle counts and stock takes with automated workflows triggered by scan events, with users able to instigate adjustments and movements from the warehouse floor.

Material Queue

Experience unprecedented convenience and efficiency including sort and filter by saved named queries, unpicking sales or transfer orders, and more.


EKW features scan trigger event automation, with users able to process outbound shipments direct from the device. Order and job tracking to help the shop or user complete their daily routine are also provided… right in the palm of their hand.

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