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Insights from the ANZ Manufacturing Virtual Summit

Biscit team members recently participated in the Epicor ANZ Manufacturing Virtual Summit. The theme for the summit centered around manufacturing resilience and productivity in the new work environment we are all experiencing as a result of COVID19.

Results from recent analysis shared at the summit revealed that the top three priorities for manufacturing firms in the current environment are:

  1. Financials
  2. Improve Efficiency and Increase Productivity, and
  3. Cost and Business Optimisation

While these may not be new for many, the summit explored a range of intelligent Epicor ERP-related applications and functionalities in order to support manufacturing firms with these priorities in the ‘New Now’.

Build a smart factory with the Internet of Things

Epicor shared a new approach to monitoring equipment, harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) to trigger processes in Epicor via BPMs (Business Process Management). From using machine sensors to trigger emails or SMS’s to warn of potential problems, through to using Wi-Fi based buttons to trigger product reorders or automated maintenance jobs, the possibilities for this functionality on the factory floor are endless. You can view the full presentation here.

Optimise your warehouse with Biscit’s EMW

It was great to see the Epicor Mobile Warehouse (EMW) solution – a product proudly developed by Biscit – featured at the summit. With its intuitive modern user interface, native android functionality, real-time and seamless integration with Epicor ERP integration, EMW is a mobile-first warehouse and inventory management system with the potential to help you prepare your warehouse and shop floor operations for a new era of operating. The summit session included an overview of EMW’s PCID  (Package Control Identification) functionality, a demonstration on how easy it is to set up Barcodes, as well as a run through of some of the automated functions built into the standard product to increase operational efficiency. You can full the full presentation and a detailed demonstration of EMW here.

Improve efficiency with integrated shipping via Quik Ship

An exciting recent entry into the ANZ market, and ideal follow on to EMW product, is Quik Ship. Quik Ship takes the process from a shipment entry using the ‘Ship Via’ information to determine the route for your delivery. You can add sizes and weights and the program will determine the latest rates required for your shipment, print the labels and required paperwork, and send it on its way all while feeding back into the shipment screen the pricing and tracking details. It will also compare rates and times as well as track the parcels progress from within Epicor. The integrated shipping presentation can be found here.

Financial statements made easy using EDA

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) now features a new financial statements product to assist with day-to-day operations. The reports have drill-down capability, are customisable, cloud-based and browser-enabled. This product also facilitates the saving of published versions of Financial Statements and the ability to add notes – a question we at Biscit are often asked of the current financial statement tools available. Biscit client, Jurox – a local family owned Australian animal health company – has been operating EDA since 2017 and you can read more about the impact on their operations here and you can view the summit presentation here.

Business process automation using Docstar

Turning Epicor customers into more efficient, paperless work environments, Docstar is a web-based document management program accessible through many devices, that uses predetermined, automated document flows to manage inbound and outbound tasks. Document flows can contain various kinds of documents which can be placed in notification, approval, or data flows to automate manual processes, increase process efficiency and decrease manual paper handling from your business. Reduced manual handling isn’t just more effective – safety concerns are now playing a role with the less physical handling, the better. We are currently working on multiple Docstar installs, so more on this to come shortly and the full summit presentation is available here.

Finally, the summit also touched on:

  • Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) – think Siri™ or Alexa™ for Epicor
  • The Epicor “Collaborate” feature which links to MS Teams™
  • Security and general accessibility benefits of SaaS cloud ERP vs. on premise.
  • All future development to be browser compatible.

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