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Launching Epicor Mobile Warehouse (EMW) V3

Please note that from July 2020, Epicor Mobile Warehouse (EMW) has been renamed Epicor Mfg Wireless Warehouse (EMWW).

Following on from the successful launch of Epicor Mobile Warehouse, Biscit is pleased to launch the latest update to EMW Version 3.  The product now uses the full Epicor Kinetic Framework and we continue to refine the warehousing and shop floor processes for increased efficiencies and maximum ROI.  We are also continuing to expand the functionality, with a summary of the latest inclusions below:

  • Kinetic Framework version of Epicor Mobile Warehouse (EMW) Released
  • Employee Images
  • Part Images on Part Tracker
  • Lock User and Employee to 1 to 1
  • UI design changes including Primary Actions Bar mean save is only a tap away
  • Validated warehouses (e.g. only warehouses with Stock)
  • Validated Bins (i.e. only bins with Stock)
  • Removed the reliance on BAQ’s
  • More complex filtering
  • Mass Receipt
  • Proof of Delivery with sign on glass signatures, and photos attached to Pack ID’s
  • Cycle Count Extension with ability to count by Bin by Part
  • Setting to control over packing
  • Packout support for Multiscan barcode format
  • Ability to add additional data fields and User Defined Fields (limitations apply).

The below video, hosted by Epicor Product Marketing, runs through the latest updates in detail.

Stay tuned for more exciting news of additional functions and features that will continue to be added over coming releases.

Available for download on Google Play Store:

EMW on Google Play

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