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The Casino Food Co-op (The Co-op) is Australia’s largest meat processing Co-operative, boasting a market reach across Australia and the globe. They are proudly 100% member owned by Australian farmers and businesses excelling in the paddock to plate philosophy. The Co-op has been operating since 1933 and have established themselves as an industry leader in meat processing. Today, The Co-op has over 1,100 highly trained and skilled employees, working across five core business divisions.

The combination of premium quality products, configurable to customers specific requirements, and processed with highly efficient, accurate systems, results in large volumes of configured products being shipped to a vast array of customers every day. Alongside this, the business is also managing payments to a large volume of suppliers and cooperative members across the country. The complexity of this process results in end-of-month processes that typically took days for the Accounts Team to complete.

As leaders in the industry, The Co-op is also committed to operating a sustainable business that produces products in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible. Not only did the end-of-month payment process take days to process, but also resulted in a massive amount of physical documentation and ultimately paper waste. This is something that was clearly out of alignment with the organisation’s sustainable philosophy.

“The reliance on paper by our business was definitely one area that we wanted to improve when it came to our monthly payment processing, as well as the number of FTEs and amount of time involved – not to mention the human errors which are an inevitable part of the process.” Ronnie Cook, Group Accountant, at The Casino Food Co-op.

Enter the DocStar Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for Epicor ERP and implementation by Biscit. 

DocStar Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

DocStar ECM is a web-based document management program that uses predetermined, automated document flows to manage inbound and outbound tasks, and create efficient, paperless work environments. Accessible through many devices, document flows can contain various kinds of documents. In the case of The Co-op, it was payment processing documents which can be placed in notification, approval, and data flows to automate manual processes. These document flows increase process efficiency and decrease manual paper handling.

By harnessing DocStar ECM for their operation, The Co-op now achieves the same payment process outcomes in a just few hours and a tiny pile of paper.

“Our decision to choose Biscit to implement DocStar within our organisation was an easy one to make. Biscit have supported us with our Epicor ERP for a few years now and have always been very professional and willing and able to find solutions that best fit our organisation. Now that we are no longer spending so many resources on data entry, we can allocate these resources into more value adding roles, such as analysing spending to help streamline our procurement process.” Ronnie Cook, The Casino Food Co-op.

All documents are securely handled within the system, with relevant privacy and compliance standards applied. Document revisions are tracked in real time with version control, and records retention policies are automatically accommodated.

“Working with The Co-op has been a great opportunity for Biscit and an excellent chance to apply new skills. Seeing the positive difference that DocStar ECM has made with regards to efficiencies on the accounts payable side of the business is so very rewarding. It’s also heartening to see The Co-op beginning to expand their use of this software beyond the original scope of the project.” Rob Logan, Senior Technical Consultant, at Biscit.

As part of the DocStar ECM implementation, The Co-op have also integrated DocStar Intelligent Data Capture (IDC). 

DocStar Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)

DocStar IDC eliminates labour-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming manual document processing. It has the ability to capture documents from virtually any input device – such as a scanner, MFD, email, or watched folder. It can also capture documents in any location with both Cloud and On-Premise access available. DocStar IDC typically results in a 60–90% reduction in manual data entry by automatically extracting relevant data fields based on document type. The verification process automatically captures key data fields, highlights any exceptions, checks for duplicates, and matches the data against supporting documents.

The implementation of DocStar ECM integrated with IDC, is a significant step on the digital transformation journey for The Co-op, who are committed to a sustainable operation that puts its stakeholders at the heart of everything they do.  

“We’ve seen significant improvement since the implementation of DocStar ECM with IDC, and I am very thankful for the work of Biscit and our Co-op team members who made it happen.” Ronnie Cook, The Casino Food Co-op.

To find out more about DocStar ECM and IDC download the Fact Sheets below. To talk to us about how these solutions can help achieve similar efficiencies for your business call 1300 247 248 or contact us.

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